Konzert - Ganesh / Tabla

Beginn Datum
Sa, 03.07.10
Samstag, 3. Juli 2010
Beginn Uhrzeit
17:00 Uhr
Tabla - Konzert
tabla and drum percussion player.
I introduce myself ; I play 1000-years old traditional indian music, is called tabla-drum. I perform all around the world and time to time I play benefit concert in temple and church and other holy places, for joung people, for old people, for meditation with healing sound.
In India also I play solo tabla and drum percussion, is called Ganesha and his friends. This take more than two hours.

I get award of world champion as a drum player;and I did get recorded in Guinnes-book, and where I go I make fantastic evening and concert. I am going to send you also my picture with my playing performance tomorrow.
Thank your for you all people.
Ganesha - Om Namashi vaya